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    Application range of slewing ring

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    1. Lifting machinery   

    Lifting machinery includes truck cranes, tower cranes and trailers, etc. Because these machinery are used in a harsh environment, the rotating parts are often subject to great impact, so these parts will use customized slewing bearings, such as Xuzhou Xinda slewing bearing manufacturer provides the size and operating environment required by the machine. The slewing bearing manufacturer will arrange engineers to design the bearing that meets the actual situation and then put it into use. Not only can it meet the needs of hoisting machinery, but also allow the use of The life span is greatly improved.  

    2. Construction machinery  

    The simple division of construction machinery is like excavators, loaders, etc. The slewing bearing can bear the axial force, the radial force and the overturning force at the same time, and the structure is very compact. It needs continuous rotation during the operation of the excavator. The slewing bearing is the core component of the rotation. The application of construction machinery belongs to the basic application of slewing bearing, and it is also a relatively extensive application.  

    3. Processing machinery  

    Processing machinery like material processing, food processing, metallurgy and so on. With the continuous development of science and technology, people are no longer satisfied with only applying slewing bearings in construction machinery, and instead turn their attention to equipment platform processing machinery. Because the slewing ring is more compact than the original bearing, it can withstand greater external forces, and its performance and structure are better, so it is also used in processing machinery.  

    4. Military equipment  

    The current military competition is the hard power of military equipment. As we have seen on TV, the tank turns its gun head and a shell accurately hits the target. In this link, the slewing bearing plays a very good supporting role; There are also such as antiaircraft artillery, radar, rocket launcher, etc. The slewing bearing is a very important structure in the timely rotation and jump and stable launch of military equipment, which has better performance than traditional bearings.  

    5. Other   

    In addition to applications in industry and medical science, slewing bearings have their shadow in the field of power generation and life. The yaw bearing of the wind turbine is installed at the connection part of the tower and the cabin, and the pitch bearing is installed on each blade. The root is connected to the hub. Each wind turbine uses one set of yaw bearings and three sets of pitch bearings. Through the application of slewing bearings in wind power generation equipment, the process of generating power can be changed according to the difference in wind power. In the whole process, the part of the root of the blade connected with it is the concrete embodiment of the slewing bearing. The main application aspects of slewing bearings in life are concentrated in amusement parks, such as ferris wheels, roller coasters, pendulum clocks and carousels, etc. The application of slewing bearings ensures the safety of life.

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